About Us

Husband and wife team Zhang Jun and Kellie Van der Ploeg Zhang are both former classical ballet dancers turned Pilates professionals with over 15 years’ experience teaching dance and Pilates in Singapore. Central Pilates was registered in early 2008 and, after teaching in studios across the island, their own much-anticipated private Pilates studio opened the following year.

The dedicated and disciplined team at Central Pilates believes in quality movement and has a sharp eye for detail. Their philosophy lies not just in teaching exercises, but in educating clients about their bodies, listening to their needs and demonstrating how Pilates can dramatically improve your quality of life.

In today’s busy and highly stressed world, it is important to have strong foundations to rely on. Becoming more aware and in control of your own body can reduce aches and pains and restore balance to the mind, body and spirit. Central Pilates offers an environment where each client receives the individual care and attention they deserve.