I have been exercising with Jun for over two years now, and during that time I have been amazed by the success and results of the training. As a novice to Pilates in general, I have been amazed by the impact of the exercises, and would recommend it to anyone, young or old.

However, above & beyond that; the quality of instruction, plus the insight and patience of all the team at Central Pilates is quite outstanding. Combine that with the incredibly friendly, welcoming & relaxing atmosphere and you have an establishment which is quite simply second to none.

 – ANGUS DAVIDSON (Director)

I look forward to coming to Central Pilates because I know I’ll leave feeling better than I did when I arrived – every time. Kellie’s focused approach, experience in body work and expertise in Pilates means a tailored, safe and effective programme to meet my individual needs. I hate to miss a session.


I am happy to let you know how satisfied Hans and I are in your Studio. We appreciate your gentle way of teaching and we both always feel very happy and body conscious when we leave Central Pilates. Our lessons are always well structured and thought about which is why we continue coming back. Knowing my Husband, it was not easy to convince him to start Pilates but he is now one of your biggest fans.

– GABRIELE BOTT (Homemaker)

Having Jun as my personal instructor for the last 2 years, has helped me over come my lower back problem which I had for many years prior to taking up Pilates. He has helped me understand my body better and I am now able to use my inner core strength to do my normal exercise regime in a much more effective way. I can’t thank Jun and Kellie enough for having such a well equipped studio. I look forward to my twice weekly sessions as I come out feeling de stressed and my body feels so much lighter after each lesson.

– YASMIN KHAN (Senior Vice President)

I have practiced Pilates with Kellie for the last 8 years. When I was 37 I decided that I wanted to start learning a form of exercise that I would be able to continue when I was older and unable to dance. What I didn’t realise is how much I would benefit from Pilates! Pilates has strengthened my core muscles, my back muscles, and given me a better sense of balance and co ordination. The principles of Pilates also allow me to work on my flexibility safely. I am still dancing today thanks to Pilates. In fact, I am dancing at a higher level than when I was 37 and I suffer from far less injuries. Knowing that many ladies out there are as concerned with their looks as I am, Pilates helps to build long and lean muscles, so I may be stronger but I have no muscle bulk. With long term training, I also acquired better posture, and hence look taller and thinner, and clothes start to fit better.

– CHEN HSIAO YING (Scientist)

I started personal Pilates sessions with Central Pilates for rehabilitative purposes; having back and hip pain after childbirth from carrying my son constantly, climbing stairs and poor posture.  They were the only people who managed to alleviate my chronic hip /back pain. I had previously tried several physiotherapists, chiropractors and Pilates instructors. I’ve been with them since. They know exactly what to work on each session and its always a challenging class! Many thanks & looking forward to our next class!